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My club only has a couple of teams. Is it worth using SportCheck?

It makes no difference to the Club or SportCheck on how big or small your club or school is. We have many clubs using SportCheck with just one team and we also have large clubs and schools using SportCheck with over 300 teams.


How secure is the information I supply to SportCheck and who has access to this information?

SportCheck has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the information supplied is kept totally secure. All data is housed on an independent server (WEBDRIVE). When someone opts-in to receive a message, the only information held is the mobile number. The authorised personnel of a club or a school can view these numbers and can of course send a message to those numbers and thatís it.


Once Iíve opted-in to receive a message from my club or school, can anyone else send me a message other than the club or school to which I subscribed?

Your number is exclusive to the school or club to which you subscribed and you can only receive a message from the authorised personnel within the club or school.


Once I have opted-in and I no longer want to receive a message, how do I stop this from happening?

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest is to reply to a message you have just received from your club of school with the word ďstopĒ. Another way is to simply text/sms the word ďstopĒ to 98360 if you are with Vodafone or 2334 if you are with telecom. You can also go to www.sportcheck.co.nz and click on ďstop/restart text deliveryĒ, enter in your number and tick the box beside the group you donít want to receive a message from. This is the best way if you are opted into multiple groups.


I have a prepay phone. What happens if I donít have enough credit on my phone to receive a message?

A message wonít get to you. Some of the Telcoís do send a message to say that a message canít get to you because you donít have enough credit. Just make sure you have enough credit on your phone.