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FoodChain Ltd

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the text messaging service SportCheck provides. It is so user friendly and our customers just love it. We are into our 4th month now and it has had a noticeable impact on sales. It has definitely put us ahead of the competition and provides a much more direct connection with our customers as they are not always in a position to pick up their email or available to take a phone call. There is no reference to SportCheck in the messages that go out so our early concerns about this have been well and truly satisfied.

While we haven’t really needed it since we got underway with the service, the back up and support provided by your support team has been fast and faultless.

Foodchain Limited


Netball Hutt Valley

Netball Hutt Valley has been using Sport Check txt cancellation service for two seasons now. Currently we have over 250 teams playing netball on a Saturday and having this text cancellation service has proved invaluable to our members and our centre. The system is easy to use and administer allowing the centre to have full control of deleting or adding team as well as checking how many members have signed up or to what teams.

This season we introduced Division Codes which meant players were able to text their primary, intermediate or senior code to a specific text number which made the process even easier for players to register.

With parents and players already busy on a Saturday with other codes of sport the ease of finding out if Netball is cancelled by receiving a text messaging is proving most beneficial and is now our number one cancellation service provided to players.

Phillipa Whitney,
Centre Manager
Netball Hutt Valley

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Oratia United Football Club

By the way, our club thinks this system is great & this season it will be the only way our club gets cancellation messages out to teams. In previous years we have had about 3 different systems, so this will mean alot less work for us coordinators. Our senior members of the club are also going to use this system, which previously they never had.



Mt Maunganui Swimming Club

The system works very well for us. Our biggest problem is getting members to put in entry forms for swimming meets on time. We email, put notices on the board and continually tell swimmers of the closing dates, but the text system works the best. There can be no excuses for late entries with sportcheck it doesn't matter if the swimmer is away they still get the message. In fact we haven't had anyone who is on sportcheck miss the deadline.

Dallas Couvee


Harbourside Netball Center Tauranga NZ

On behalf of the Management team and Members of Harbourside Netball Centre we would like to say a huge thank you to the sportcheck team for implementing such a great tool. Since our netball centre was introduced to Sportcheck in 2007 cancellations were an absolute nightmare. Members never heard the cancellation over the radio and just assumed that netball would continue and of course we would have to shoulder the abuse from irate parents. Now cancellations are hassle free and it is wonderful.

Our members were made aware right from the outset that it would cost 50c to receive the text, but as they say it is better than driving all the way over to netball for nothing especially with the rising cost of fuel.

Once the decision is made by us to cancel, all I do is send a text from my mobile phone and it goes to all registered members.

I recommend that all sports organisation should register to Sportcheck as it is well worth it. Give it a go as it does not cost the organisation very much at all to make the service available to their members

Helen Dodge


King's School NZ

Prior to the implementation of the Sportcheck text messaging system, King’s School had been looking for a better way of getting messages out to parents when there are important and unexpected schedule changes. We had traditionally used a phone tree system which would inevitably breakdown and messages would not necessarily get to all concerned in a timely and reliable manner.

In an effort to keep abreast with the technology that is available today, getting text messages to mobile phones was the obvious step. The cost and complexity of developing our own text messaging system was not viable so after researching what was available on the market, we contacted Sportcheck.

It did not take long to realise that the Sportcheck text messaging system would offer us a flexible and cost efficient solution.

Once the decision was made to move forward with Sportcheck, we were up and running within three weeks. A lot of this time was spent introducing the concept to the school community, while the actual implementation was relatively seamless and, from memory, only took a few days.

We have had the system up and running for eight months now and it has proved invaluable to the school and has received very positive feedback.

There are numerous examples where the system has been used successfully by the school, these include cross-country start times, school camps delay of departures and returns, sporting fixture cancellations and venue changes.

Furthermore, the backup and support of the Sportcheck staff has been timely and efficient.

Carey Frost
Marketing & Communications Manager


Netball Rodney Centre

From: Tui McCaughey [mailto:netballrodneycenter@xtra.co.nz]
Sent: Friday, 23 April 2010 4:26 p.m.
To: David Lewis
Subject: Re: SportCheck

Hi SportCheck

Thanks for all your help in setting us up with SportsCheck this season. I have to admit it's a relief to have it all done and to find out how easy it was.


Tui McCaughey
Centre Co-ordinator
Netball Rodney Centre


Softball Auckland

I highly recommend the sportcheck service to everyone. The set-up is quick,inexpensive and the service is very user-friendly. The technology that sportcheck uses is very practical, allowing administrators to communicate changes via cellphone and internet. This is useful for a person like me who is always on the go.
As someone who has played outdoor sports for many years, I have found it frustrating to wait for radio broadcasts/website updates or a call from the team manager. So as an administrator, the major selling point was the ability for us to communicate cancellations/changes directly to players in just one message (although there are other great features too).
We have sportcheck set up for participants in our local competition, and will be expanding this in 2010 to include communication for secondary school, regional and national tournaments.
This is a service that everyone can afford - and you cannot afford to turn it down. Simply put: time saved and money well spent.

Huni Yerkovich
Operations Manager
Auckland Softball Association


Fendalton Open Air School

....“We were delighted with how well the system worked following the aftershocks on 13 June. Immediately after the initial quake, the school was able to send a text message to notify parents and caregivers that the children were safe and to inform parents to collect children as soon as possible”...

Paul Sibson, Principal



Christchurch Junior Cricket Association

....The system is easy to use and administer allowing the association the ability to distribute instant messages to a large number of members. Last season there were over 680 members from cricket clubs and schools who registered to receive text messages.....
....I recommend other sports clubs and organisations register with SportCheck as it is well worth it. It provides a very valuable service for your members, and is the most efficient and reliable way to get relevant information instantly to your members wherever they might be.

Barry Hazeldine - CJCA Manager




Once again, thank you for the results service you have supplied to Land Rover 1stXV rugby.

It’s been a great addition to our Sky TV and Rugby Channel programmes for the last 2 years and has enabled us to bring selected results of schools matches from throughout New Zealand to our Television audience, sometimes within moments of the full time whistle sounding.

Being able to keep our TV viewers and our social media readers up to date when there are so many competitions throughout the country has been a success in 2013,

I look forward to another great year of watching the promising young rugby talent of New Zealand grow.

Thank you to your team for their work this year.


SKY Television
Land Rover 1stXV Rugby