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SportCheck is a sporting community initiative that has one focus

To provide a communication tool that greatly enhances the way in which a club administrator, coach, or manager can get a message to their members and participants quickly and cost effectively.

It can stand alone or clip onto existing club websites. It will not compete with the club systems already in place - It can only enhance them. It is an easy to use, cost effective communication channel employing a combination of Web and Text messaging technology ensuring messages get quickly to those who need to, want to, or should know about what is going on.

Once your club is listed on the SportCheck website, your players & supporters can simply attach their mobile # to their team, grade, or division so that when last minute changes take place like cancellations, defaults or transfers, they get notified by a text message to their phone.

The SportCheck system has been carefully designed to ensure that the club administrator has overall control on how, and by whom, messages get updated by. They can pass this authority down to divisional, grade or even team managers and coaches to suit their own club structure.

Adding your Club to this site is a snap

To update messages and view the website is FREE!! To update and view messages using your mobile phone are on a user pay basis where mobile phone charges apply.

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